Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"I know it looks small, ahem, like something else, but don't worry, sissy, you'll fit in here just fine."

Ever tormented by your big sister and her friends?

Red always was your color

"But honey, I thought you liked it when I wore sexy outfits?"

It's funny how a chastity cage changes a sissy's outlook on EVERYTHING

You might not like what your wife wears to the office, but her boss LOVES it

Such a good wife, buying a second pair for her sissy husband to wear


"There...there's not a lot of room in there," her husband said nervously.

"No there's not, but that's kind of the point," she smiled.

"Yea, but what if...I mean...what if I get, you know, excited, there's nowhere to...to grow."

"Again, kind of the point of the whole no erections and no orgasms agreement, isn't it."

Wonder what she's trying to get?

Domestic Discipline

Why yes, I do fantasize about being a Hooter's Girl

Getting dressed to go out for a drink with a "friend"

Just checking, because a sissy maid should NEVER have a bulge. Never. Ever.

Brought to the edge, again and again, but never over, never, ever, over.

Perfect, but...

Transvestite Training:
Pink is perfect but ladies please note that chastity devices must fit properly to avoid slipping out accidents and any room for gurly swelling. This gurl needs a smaller device, far too much opportunity for her pleasure with this one, if a gurl swells it should hurt!

Lovely, just wish I knew where it was from

Monday, May 20, 2013