Sunday, May 5, 2013

We know how to do all those girlie things!!!

Unlike real boys, we knew how to do things like this!
Remember when you were growing up a sissy how the mean boys ridiculed you because you could not play any sport well? In fact, you were pretty pathetic, weren't you? I know I was!
And remember how you could not climb the rope in gym class?
How the girls would not pay attention to you unless it was just to have you as another girlfriend?
But you knew how to do many things that those mean boys could not do!
You knew how to shave your legs! Just like the girls!
You knew how to put on nail polish! Just like the girls!
You knew the proper way to put your feet into  stockings and how to pull them up your smooth legs!
You knew how to hook those stockings to a lacy garter belt!
Just like the girls!
And while they were taking the bras off the real girls, you knew how to put one on! On yourself, that is!
So, the big question: Do you regret not knowing how to play those boy sports, but knowing how to do all those girlie things? I sure do not! And when you add knowing how to cook and bake and sew and things like that! I am glad I know those things and not those silly sports! I still cook and bake and sew!
And of course: We knew how to give great BJs and great pleasure to those silly boys who played sports! And who did they go to when they could not get the real girls to put out? I am sure you know the answer to that!
Knowing how to do those girlie things is not a bad thing at all, now is it!

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