Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How a sissy should pee! !!!

Follow this proper way to tinkle!
How a sissy should pee!

1 -- Pull up your dress or skirt or pull down your short shorts.
2 -- Pull down your panties
3 -- Do not touch your little sissy 1 inch clitty.
4 -- Sit toward the back of the toilet seat, then pivot forward 
       so you clitty is pointed down.
5 -- Remember: Don't touch your sissy clitty like a man would!
6 -- Make your little sissy tinkle in the toilet.
7 --Take a couple of sheets of toilet paper and dab the little 
      thimble-like head of your clitty so you do not drip in your  
      panties. But don't touch anything else!
8 --Stampon in tissue for disposal.tand up and change your 
      tampon. Wrap up your old
9 --Spray around your sissy clitty and around your ass pussy 
      with feminine deodorant spray.
10 --Pull up your panties.
11 --Pull down your skirt or dress, or pull up your short 
12 --While you are in the bathroom, freshen up whatever 
        girlie  scent you are wearing. 
13  -- Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands! (Thanks, 

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