Saturday, May 4, 2013

How do YOU dress at home??

There is a series of posts like this at the tumblr site
on top of the photo! So how do you dress at home?
I do wear dresses but most often I am dressed like
this girl! A little more practical to do
my housework in!


Anonymous said...

D of course!

Staci Pennell said...

I am so turning into a slut n can't help but love it as much as I find myself yearning to be controlled a little more n pleasure all Women n real men

Staci Pennell said...

I so love myself more n can't help but be happy n content in desiring to find other sluts n sissies. Omg I so love cock n finding the thoughts revolving around pleasuring both a Mistress n real Men or even other sissy cumslut a like myself.

Just thinking about it or the thought of it, so gets me aroused n so turned on.

Thanku for sharing thoughts n hugs

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