Monday, July 1, 2013


Over on my other blog, The Fashionable, Jayme says:
I soooooo miss you writing about your love and devotion to Emily.
It seems much more Mistress/sissy nowadays......... I know you adore her to the ends of the earth....... I remember........
I understand where Jayme is coming from, and just noted the same thing to someone else.


Well, not because things suck with Emily, they don't, I'm totally happily married.

But, I'm working on a book and so much of what I write about Emily here on my blog is being poured into the book. All the emotions, the love, the fun, the frustrations, are directed to the story I'm writing, leaving less Emily here. I know some of you think that sucks, hell, I think it sucks, is what it is, that's how I work, as a writer.

Now, before you ask, I don't know when that book will be done, since I turned away from it for awhile to finish a different book (that book is going to be published soon).

So, if you miss me talking about Emily, I'll try to do it a little more, but there will be a payoff in the end.


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