Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monthly Challenge

"Ten seconds, honey," she said, never missing a stroke as she watched the second hand carefully.

"Please, I...I need more time, I...I'm close but..."


"Michelle, please..."

"," she called, releasing her husband's penis.

"Michelle, please, I'm so close..."

"I know, sweetie, I can feel it, know the rules, sixty seconds, no more, no less." Michelle tucked his panties under his balls, reached for the chastity cage so she was ready to put it back on when his erection went down.

"But that...that's the third month in a row, I haven't cum since, well, March, since the end of winter."

Michelle sighed. "First, Steven, as I said, rules are rules. Second, don't be so melodramatic, you've squirted ever other Sunday evening since Christmas, so don't tell me you haven't..."

"That doesn't count," he said, his face red at the mere mention of their bi-weekly milking sessions.

"Doesn't it now? Perhaps we should discontinue them, then?"

"No," Steven said at once, "please." At first those bi-weekly sessions were terribly humiliating, Michelle behind him, using her fingers, then a small toy, finally a small cock-like vibrator on him until he had a weak, unsatisfying orgasm, but he grew to look forward to the intimacy.

Michelle smiled, pleased, taming a husband was so easy, once a woman knew how.

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