Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Look what Emily and I got yesterday

The Holy Trainer. In pink.

That color is not one of the standard colors (white, black, clear), but if you request it, they can make it in pink (they called it rose) (extra € 20 charge). As you see, the entire thing is rose/pink except for the nub the lock goes through, which is white. I'm okay with that.

And yes, yes, I am wearing it now. Locked in it now.

We really, really wanted pink, I mean, I'm a sissy, why would we want any other color encasing my boy clit? The chastity cage is supposed to be emasculating, physically and mentally, so the pink helps with that?

Based on the measurements of the CB6000 I was wearing, we bought the medium sized ring (45mm) and the regular tube (65mm). Deciding ring size was easy, I just converted the inside diameter of my CB ring from inches to mm. The tube was more difficult, though. The CB6000S tube is just a little small for me, especially when I grow, while the CB6000 tube is too long.

Measuring tube length was hard as The Holy Trainer uses a different measurement than the CB, so, we decided to go with the standard size, and will order a smaller one if this doesn't work. Obviously too soon to figure that out.

First impressions:

  1. The ring is much easier to get on and feels more comfortable. I don't quite forget it is there, but it doesn't bite as much as the CB6000 ring. The Holy Trainer ring is shaped different so seems to cup things differently, making it more comfortable.
  3. The tube is more difficult to get on. I use the stocking method (look it up). Since my CB was clear, it was easy to see where the head of my boy clit was, more difficult with this tube. Also, the pee hole is larger on the CB, so it easier to pull the stocking out, thus the head into place. This is more difficult with The Holy Trainer, it took me longer to get it all set this morning. It didn't help that Emily was helping (someone kept swelling making things even more difficult).
  4. The back end of the tube extends further up the penis, again, different design. I think this will make escape more difficult. Let's be honest, if I really wanted to I could escape from the CB unless I wore points of intrigue, which I didn't, cause they hurt too much. I couldn't escape all the time, and it took some effort (and unsuccessful efforts fucking hurt), but it was not 100% secure. What kept me in? The knowledge that if I slipped out I couldn't get back in so Emily would know and I'd be in big fucking trouble. I have not really pulled and tugged to see if I can get out of this, but my initial, half-assed try, left me the impression that escaping will be more difficult.
More pictures, below. Further review after being locked up for awhile.

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