Friday, August 23, 2013

Saturday Mornings

So Emily is training for a marathon, which means on Saturday mornings she gets up at 7:30 and goes out and runs like 16 or 18 miles. This will be like her fifth or sixth marathon cause she's a badass. She drives to the park, warms up, does her run, walks to cool down, drives home, so she's gone for three plus hours. 

But that doesn't mean Sara gets to sleep in!

Quite the opposite. No, I get up at 6:30, an hour before her. I don't wake her up because I sleep in the guest room on Friday nights when she has a long run so as not to wake her up in the middle of the night, especially important if she has plans on Friday night and wants as much sleep as she can get.

I get up an hour before her, shower, put on makeup, do my hair in a feminine style, and this is the important part, put on the prettiest Maid's uniform I have (that would be this or this). I then make coffee and breakfast for her, check the weather, get out her running clothes appropriate for the weather (such service), get her water bottles and energy gels ready, and wake her up.

She's not a morning person, so I don't expect a happy, beaming, friendly thank you, instead, I'm usually grumbled at, sometimes snarled at, and treated like a servant, not her husband, friend, and lover. I help her dress (usually handing her an item of clothing one at a time), wait while she eats, then get her out the door after begging for a kiss (she's totally not a morning person).

While she's gone, I eat breakfast myself, clean the house top to bottom (the routine is start laundry, clean bathrooms, clean the kitchen, change the sheets and make the bed, dust, then vacuum) with the goal of being done when she gets back.

I then get our ice packs for her (try running 18 miles without being sore), make her a light lunch, wash her disgusting, sweaty clothes while she showers, and tuck her into bed for a nap. 

And that's when I get my reward, a genuine smile, a tender kiss, a touch on the stocking covered leg, and a "you're such a good girl" while she closes her eyes and goes to sleep. 

Yea, that's my Saturday mornings. And I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING!

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