Tuesday, August 6, 2013


"Oh, I didn't see you come in...no...no I don't have any lunch plans, I mean, I was going to grab a salad with a girlfriend, but I can call and change that."

That's what I infer Emily said to a guy she met at her new job; he works in the building, different company, different floor, because a few minutes before noon she called me and our conversation went like this.

"Hello. Ready for lunch, I'm done, I can meet you in ten."

"Um, hey, Sara, I know we were supposed to have lunch but something came up."

"Oh, work?"

Emily laughed. "No, um...someone stopped by and wanted to know if I had lunch plans, I said I was meeting a girlfriend for a salad but I could reschedule, you don't mind, do you?"

"Who," I asked, something about the way she said it caught me.

"Remember that guy I was telling you I met, from my building, my new friend."

She called him that, her new friend, like her little code name for him. Every time she talked about him, it was 'my new friend' this and 'my new friend' that.

"Your new friend. Ben?"

"Yes, Ben," she raised her voice slightly, "I must have mentioned you, she remembers your name."

"God, he...he's right there?"

"Yes, he's sitting here waiting to go," she said, her tone speaking a private conversation between us.

"You're facing him?" Her desk faced the wall, so if she was talking to him her chair would be turned, only a few feet of space between them.

"Uh huh."

I felt my clit jump in the chastity cage. "Cross and uncross your legs." I pictured her that morning, wearing one of her black skirt suits, one with a skirt that was on the verge of too short, nude hose, black pumps.

"You're bad, Sara, we'll catch up tomorrow," she laughed, again a private laugh, private meaning, cryptic to him, crystal clear to me. But I heard her shift in her chair, pictured it.

"Did...did he look at your legs?"

"Well of course," she said casually, "who wouldn't."

"He...he wants you..."

"Who wouldn't," she laughed again, "but I know you're thinking the same thing and you would, too, if you could."

"Damn, Emily!"

"I know, I thought you'd like it, we can talk about it over lunch tomorrow. Listen, he's staring at me impatiently, I gotta run."

"He's staring at you because he wants you, Emily."

"Yes, probably. So, you don't mind switching to tomorrow so I can grab lunch with my new friend."

"Nnnnooo. But now I'm all swollen."

I'm sure she could surmise that, but rubbed it for fun, laughed. "You're bad, Sara. She said that's fine, Ben, but only if you're cute."

"Well," I heard him speak for the first time.

"I'm changing my plans, aren't I?"

"You know what I'm going to fantasize about now, don't you?"

"Of course I do," Emily answered. "Exactly."


"Wait, let me write that down." I heard her chair move, her too. I got it as she did it.

"You're leaning over your desk?"

"Yep," she said.

"Jesus, he's going to...be careful, you'll find yourself bent over your desk and..."

"And I might not complain about that...just something to think about, Sara. Talk to you later."

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